Gender Disparities

Pakistan has among the highest gender disparities in the world.  In NWFP only 63 girls are enrolled against a 100 boys in primary schools.

Taken from report titled “PSA country report: Pakistan”
PDF link to report:

Responses to ”Gender Disparities”

  1. abbas shah says:

    i am abbas shah from lahore school of economics, study bba hounors……..
    womens make knowledge full bcaz baby learn 1st from mother………those country powerfull who makes knowledge in our language and provide easily…….

  2. shani says:

    the nation is awaded with his leader
    the nation is blessed with his leader
    the nation is known by with his leader……….

  3. shani says:

    so think where the nation is stnding with his leader or………….

  4. Saad says:

    well discrimination leads to unjustice.we have to support merit we have to give equal chances to girls and boys to prosper Pakistan and it’s departments.
    Pakistan Comes First!

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