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    Maleeha Naipaul


  • “I love this country, who I am has everything to do with where I come from. Pakistan is a beautiful strong country; why I say this is because she has survived so much and I know that with the love and support of its people she will go from strength to strength. I love Pakistan and wish and pray for continuous peace and harmony”

    Kamiar Rokni

    Fashion Designer

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    Usmaan Peerzada


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    Faizaan Peerzada

    Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop Director

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    Zaheer Abbas

    Former Cricketer

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    Shahid Zaidi


  • “We have struggled against oppressive dictatorships in the past and today we demand our right to the freedom of expression in a democratic Pakistan. We are committed artists and artists can only protest through their art.”

    Madeeha Gohar

    Artistic Director, Ajoka Theatre

  • “Pakistan is a country that’s rich in heritage, culture, resources and good people. It is time we stood up to those who try to shatter our peace, security and prospects. I feel we should stop waiting to be empowered by our leaders but empower ourselves. No matter who or where we are.”

    Saima Mohsin

    TV Anchor & Journalist

  • “Today, the ultimate test of humanity is to elevate peace from a distant dream to an achievable reality. Striving for this goal individually is, of course, laudable but working together with Aman Ittehad will make all the difference to success.”

    Dr. Parvez Hassan

    Lawyer & President of the Pakistan Environmental Law Association

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